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Happy Holidays!

Hey guys and girls hope all of you are enjoying the 2016 holiday season! 2016 has been such a great year for me, and I have been doing so much to try and build up my brand and career within in the film making community and industry. Several projects were shot, edited, and put out by me and my freelance company (7th Phoenix Films LLC.) and I'm very excited to see what's coming in 2017. I've added a new video project I shot for the company Building Files. You can view it on the 'Video' page here on the site!

Just picked up the new Sony A6500 and will be doing a bunch of test videos with it, including how to use it with different types of rigs and why you would want to, and how well the A6500 does with the almighty dreaded "auto-focus in video". If you haven't gotten a chance yet, head over to and subscribe to my channel to catch the latest videos I'll be putting out over the new year. To end off the year right, I'll be putting out a review on the Cordvision 'Cine-Ring' an amazing little device for adapting all your lenses to an 80mm outer diameter for use with Matte Box's while retaining a 77mm front filter thread. It's genius!

I also will be doing a review on both the 'Versa-Cage' from Small Rig, as well as their new "FS7/VCT Baseplate and Shoulder Rig"so stay tuned for that! And speaking of Small Rig, I helped co-design a new product they are releasing called the Small Rig 1893 Monitor Cage for the Video Devices PIX-E5/PIX-E5H which is compatible with the PIXLR. I absolutely LOVE the design of this cage, and tried to help make sure that every PIXE user would be able to not only protect their video devices investment, but would be able to do it without any interference of any of the ports. We measured things down to the mm so you know it's gonna be a tight cage! [no pun intended, lol]. You can now Pre-Order the Small Rig 1893 PIXE5 cage at this link:  

With the new year right around the corner and so many awesome items coming up like the Panasonic GH5 [which I'll be getting day 1], the rumored Sony A9 series cameras, the Nintendo Switch, and the infamous Xbox Scorpio, there are so many cool things 2017 has to offer. I really wish you all a safe and happy holiday season and a happy new year! Thanks for making my 2016 awesome!