The Portfolio of Chris "Sully" Cortez

This site is a portfolio for Chris 'Sully' Cortez. Please check out Sully's work and let us know what you think!


Hey everyone, I know it seems like a long time between each blog and I promise to post a lot more and be more active on my site, but I've just been so busy with so many new jobs. New clients for corporate videos, portrait shoots, and more that I haven't had much time to update this site. I will be doing a lot more updating soon. I've decided to nix the gear section and instead just use affilliate links to showcase the gear I use, and if you want, you can use them to help support this website and my YouTube channel. It doesn't cost you extra and I get a few pennies from every purchase so thank you so much, it's really the only way I have to gain some extra income. That said I've added some new photos in the photography section so be sure to check that out and I've recently been livestreaming on Facebook and YouTube so be sure to follow me to stay up to date with all my new content. Thanks!