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New Promo Content Up

Added a new promo video I shot and edited for the company Building Files. You can check it out here: I am also adding a list of my film credentials instead of just linking out to IMDB as I'm sure it'll look wayyy cooler right? haha, no I just want to have everything listed on my site instead of forcing people to go to other sites to get all the info they want or need. But in the meantime, i'm also busy doing a bunch of reviews for some really cool products that I've been using a lot lately. You can check out Building Files here: Check the video content page as well for new media.

New Review - the 'Cengell' A6500 Eyecup!

So last month I got a chance to get an early copy of the Chris Engell A6500 Eyecup to test on my A6500. I can honestly say without a doubt, this is one of the best products I've ever added to my kit. The screen on the back of the Sony A6500 (or almost any Alpha camera for that matter) is terrible in high contrast or brightly lit environments. It's near impossible to see anything! And the standard eyecup that comes with the A6500 is just too shallow to really do any sort of good light blocking. That's where the Cengell Eyecup comes into play (Cengell being Chris' Ebay username.) This thing really does it's job and it's honestly something I think EVERY Sony alpha shooter should have in their kit. You can see my full video review here: and can purchase them directly here: Thanks for checking out this blog and don't forget like, subscribe, leaves some comments and check the bottom of this page for all my social media links. Till next time!