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Chris 'Sully' Cortez (2015)

My name is Chris 'Sully' Cortez  and I'm a  New Haven, Connecticut USA based Director of Photography and Director. I have worked on several big-budget hollywood feature films including 'Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull" (2008); 'The Women' (2008); 'My Soul To Take' (2010); 'Tell-Tale' (2009); and many more.  I've worked on over 20+ big budget Hollywood feature films, independent films, and commercials. I currently own and operate 7th Phoenix Films LLC., a production company I started in late 2014. I've learned throughout my time working in cinema and photography that  first and foremost being a 'visual storyteller' is one of the main key points when developing your filmic experience. I've worked as a Cinematographer/Director Of Photography, Director, Camera Operator, Camera Assistant, Steadicam operator, RF Relay Technician' Assistant, NLE Editor, Actor, Extra and much more including building up my photography to a professional level. Focusing primarily on being an independent filmmaker/Director of Photography,  I firmly believe in learning every aspect of the filmmaking universe to better understand what your crew needs from you as a filmmaker and what it takes to make a quality product. I'm ready to take on any digital film or video project you may have, don't hesitate to contact me!